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Publish Date: December 7, 2017

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request from People For the American Way’s Right Wing Watch, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been unable to produce records corroborating the claims by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ staff that the FBI instructed Sessions not to list certain contacts with Russian officials on his SF-86 security clearance form. In fact, the FBI provided Right Wing Watch (RWW) with an email from an FBI employee saying that he or she “did not recall” any such conversation with Sessions or his staff.

Right Wing Watch asked the FBI for all records relating to instructions the bureau had given Sessions “concerning what contacts with foreign individuals to list on or to omit from his SF-86 or other security clearance form” and, for a point of comparison, made an identical request regarding instructions given to then-Rep. Tom Price, who was nominated to be secretary of Health and Human Services. People For the American Way, represented by People For the American Way Foundation and American Oversight, sued the FBI for release of the documents in September.

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, which he completed in November 2016, that he had not had any contacts with foreign government officials in the previous seven years. A Justice Department spokesman stated in May, after news reports had revealed that Sessions had met multiple times with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak while campaigning for President Trump, that Sessions’ staff “consulted with those familiar with the process, as well as the FBI investigator handling the background check, and was instructed not to list meetings with foreign dignitaries and their staff connected with his Senate activities.”

In a response on Thursday to RWW’s request, the FBI provided a Embroidered SeeThrough Blouse Gracia Buy Online Outlet 2018 New Free Shipping Nicekicks Nicekicks pzR4NXPH8j
detailing a phone call the previous day from Peggi Hanrahan, an aide to Sessions who had previously worked in his Senate office. Hanrahan, according to the email, had called an FBI employee to inquire “whether or not she previously asked [the employee] if Senator Sessions needed to list foreign contacts on his SF-86 while on official government business when his background investigation was being conducted in December 2016.” The FBI employee told Hanrahan, according to the email, that the FBI employee “did not recall” such a conversation, “but that for the purposes of the SF-86, [Sessions] was not required to list foreign government contacts while on official government business unless he developed personal relationships from such contacts.”

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The March 6 call from Hanrahan seeking corroboration for Sessions’ claims came on the same day on which Sessions wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee defending his statement during the confirmation hearing that he had not had contacts with Russian officials during the campaign.

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Travelers' Rest


SEASON AND HOURS Park Open daily 9 am - 5 pm year round, except closed Thanksgiving Day December 25.

Visitor Center Sept 1, 2017 - May 28, 2018 Open Tuesday through Sunday, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving Day November 25, December 24 25 and January 1. May 29 - September 4: Open daily 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.

LOCATION 6717 Highway 12 W Lolo, MT 59487 Latitude/Longitude: (46.75306 / -114.09007) GET DIRECTIONS »

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Park Map

Trail Map

Montana State Parks Guide


CONTACT INFO Mailing Address: Travelers' Rest State Park PO Box 995 Lolo, MT 59847

Phone: 406-273-4253 Email: [email protected]

Travelers' Rest


Located at an historic and contemporary crossroads, Travelers' Rest State Park and National Historic Landmark is a place where visitors can say with certainty that they are walking in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. The Park is at the core of a campsite used by the Corps of Discovery from September 9 - 11, 1805 and again from June 30 - July 3, 1806.

In the summer of 2002, archaeologists uncovered evidence of the Corps of Discovery's visit to the area, including a trench latrine tainted with mercury, fire hearths, and lead used in the repair and manufacture of firearms. more

In the summer of 2002, archaeologists uncovered evidence of the Corps of Discovery's visit to the area, including a trench latrine tainted with mercury, fire hearths, and lead used in the repair and manufacture of firearms. The discovery makes Travelers' Rest the only campsite on the Lewis and Clark Trail with physical evidence of the expedition.

For centuries Native Americans also usedtheareaas a campsite and trail junction. Salish, Pend d'Oreille and Nez Perce peoples were among those who traditionally occupied the area. Native American storytellers bring their history, culture and society to life as part of the programming at Travelers' Rest State Park. With Lolo Creek running through the park, Travelers' Rest is also an idyllic spot for a short stroll and offers a rich bird habitat, with more than 115species recorded within the park boundaries. The 51-acre park opened to the public in May of 2002. Travelers' Rest Preservation and Heritage Association is the park's cooperative managing organization. Interpretative programs are offered daily in the summer, with special events promoted throughout the year.

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